Our Year Two

Hello. My name is Mrs Begum and I would like to welcome you to Year 2.

Year 2 is an extremely important year for all pupils. We continue to build upon the basic key skills taught in Year 1 and focus on deepening children’s understanding of the key concepts in Reading, Writing and Maths. During the Summer term pupils are assessed in reading, Writing and Maths.

Year 2

Key Stage 1 Curriculum

In Key Stage One, children work in a variety of groupings. Independence is encouraged to enable children to be active learners. English and Mathematics are given high priority. The children are given access to a wide range of topics and are taught through the Cornerstones curriculum. Cross curricular activities are recommended in order to apply skills already taught/learnt.

You Can View our Year Two Curriculum overview here: View Overview

Reception and Key Stage 1 teach phonics on a daily basis following Phonics Play. Interventions are provided for children who need extra support through the use of precision teaching.

Reading is carried out in groups rather than a guided session. All staff members are trained to deliver effective questioning. Children enjoy listening to one another read- to develop comprehension, enjoyment and new vocabulary. Reading has a high profile around our school and we encourage our pupils to read widely at home. We are currently developing our comprehension activities and encouraging children to write their responses, as well as articulate them.

Mathematics at Springfield Primary School is currently following the Lancashire Grid Overview which covers all of the statutory objectives of the National Curriculum for England.

Last academic year (2016-17), an independent Maths Consultant was brought in to support the development of maths. Each week, two out of the three teachers on a rotational programme, from each year group were released to plan maths lessons with support, in order to increase awareness of ‘fluency’, ‘reasoning’ and ‘problem solving’ in lessons.

Last year (2016-17) we changed the direction of teaching and planning of English from T4Writing (from the previous year)

The new teaching/ planning incorporated some of the themes from ‘Talk 4 writing’ such as model text and boxing up. However, with the new planning there was move away from reciting and memorising the text whilst retaining the element of familiarisation. The new teaching of English had an emphasis on practising and developing skills and then the children applying those learnt skills independently in their extended writing books.

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